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                                                                    The Transfer-of-Wealth Problem:

                                           Gross Income from Employment

                                                                           (Including Benefits)

...First You Must Pay Taxes


Federal      Property

FICA            Sales

State           Other

          ...Then You Pay for Your Overhead


Energy       Medical      Housing

Food           Tuitions       Vacations

Clothing    Repairs       Car Expenses

...What is Left Is Yours  But Is It?




Eroding Factors: Taxation, Inflation, Interest Costs, Bad Investments and ObamaCare = Serious Erosion of Your Savings and Investments 

These Eroding Factors are Lost Opportunity Costs, money that is measured over time at interest that does not create Wealth. We can help you Recover a significant portion of these costs, put it to work for You and Your Family, so you can realize a Wealth Multiplier Effect.

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