Affordable Choice by Manhattan Life : #1 ACA alternative for Individuals & Families

  • No Deductibles, Co-pays or Co-insurance; 1st dollar immediate benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage; $5 Million Lifetime benefits per person

  • $8 hospital room & beard 1st day, $5K each additional day to $1M per year / person

  • 10 Doc Office visits/year with carryover to next year (Chiro & Acupuncture included)

  • Rx & high limit Preventative coverage, including Lab, Therapy, Radiology benefits

  • Unlimited Free Teledoc (Virtual Physician); Rx over the phone

  • Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery @ 3X Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

  • Pre-existing conditions covered after one year

  • Aetna/CVS First Health PPO with over 85% Hospital & Doctor participation nationally

  • Karis 360: Bill negotiator & patient advocacy services included 

  • Renewable until Age 65, with log history of minimal or no rate increases

  • 1/3 the cost of high deductible ACA plans; 1/2 the cost of Short Term Medical

  • Click HERE for rates and complete coverage information

  • Lowest premium in Georgia: Sample Metro rate: Age 60 = $367, Age 45 = $260

  • Start coverage any date (1st-28th of any month)

  • Call Bud Otto (404) 274-2860; To enroll online click HERE

  • Under Individual Coverage HRA, Affordable Choice can be written on Groups of 2 or more



Small Group Health Insurance

76% of groups under 25 employees do not have group insurance. Why? It's not always feasible for many small employers to provide a comprehensive health benefit package. Cost is the major factor, for employer and employee. Here are two alternatives to high cost, fully insured group plans:

  • with Nat'l General Self Funded plans, small businesses can experience lower costs without taking on added risk.   INFO

  • ExpectedGI (guarantee issue), minimum 10 employees/participants, average employee cost $185. No deductibles or co-insurance. No ACA rules.  Click HERE for info.

We'll work with you and make Group Health coverage affordable.  Step 1, provide your CENSUS


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